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  • Positioning Foam Circle 200x50mm

    Circle Foam: Positioning Foam circle with a 200mm diameter and 50mm deep.  (Raw or covered in Dartex or Vinyl).
  • Radiography Caliper

    $58.00 excluding GST
    Easy to use caliper for anatomy thickness measurements. Set you cm thickness generatorfactors for optimum plate dose.  
  • testing3

  • Positioning Foam Small Wedge 210x75x75mm

    Small Foam Wedge: With a triangular face at each end 75x75x10mm. (Raw or covered in Dartex or Vinyl).
  • Positioning Foam 15° Wedge 250x250x50mm

    Foam 15°  Wedge:  with a square 250x250x50mm base.      
  • Positioning Foam 90° Wedge 250x180x180mm

    Foam 90° Wedge: With a triangular face at each end 180x180x260mm.
  • Positioning Foam Thin Block 250x200x50mm

    Rectangular Foam Thin Block, 250x200mm, 50mm in depth.
  • Positioning Foam 90° Wedge 600x180x180mm

    600mm Long Foam 90° wedge with a 2 triangular faces at the ends 180x180x250mm.
  • Positioning Foam 60° Wedge 900x250x180mm

    Foam long 60° wedge 900x250x180mm
  • Positioning Foam Arthrogram Piece 450X295X300mm

    $115.00 excluding GST
    Positioning Foam Arthogram, 450x295x300mm. Raw
  • Positioning Set of Mixed Foams (SET 2)

    Set of Mixed Foams Variety of shapes and sizes available, or design your own. 2x FOAM02 - Circle                       2x FOAM03 - Small Wedge 2x FOAM04 - 15° Wedge  1x FOAM05 - 90° Wedge 1x FOAM06 - Long 90° Wedge 2x FOAM07 - Thin Block
  • Positioning Foam Intercondylar 700x280x300mm

    $156.00 excluding GST
    Intercondylar Notch: Comes uncovered or have it covered for an extra $75.65 Exc GST
  • Positioning Foam, Finger Stepped, 115x55x30mm

    $15.00 excluding GST
    Stepped Finger Sponge RAW, 115x55x30mm
  • Positioning Foam, T.V. Positioning Wedge, 510x450x100mm.

    TV positioning Wedge  -  510x450x100mm. Covered in the following options: Dartex Vinyl
  • Positioning “V” Cut Foam Block 230x240x150mm

    $32.00 excluding GST
    V Cut Foam Block RAW - 230x240x150mm.
  • Positioning Foam, Mattress custom as per drawing

    Custom Mattress as per request