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  • Closed Loop Apron Hanger

    $55.00 excluding GST

    $55.00 excluding GST
  • Lead Gown Price Calculator

    Choose your Size (XS) X-Small:    18" / 46 cm Wide - Fits Chest 30-34" / 76.2-86.4cm (S) Small:         20" / 51 cm Wide - Fits Chest 34-38" / 86.4-96.5cm (M) Medium:     22" / 56 cm Wide - Fits chest 38-42" / 96.5-106.7cm (L) Large:          24"…
  • Lead Thyroid Collar

    Quick Release Collar offers the same look and comfort as our model 621U, but without the hook & loop closure. Rear buckle closure. Available in our wide selection of nylons, ripstops and designer fabrics. Standard Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency New Style Thyroid Collar offers a trim…
  • Octostop Boomerang Filter

    $440.70 excluding GST
    Regular Boomerang L29 x W19 x H4.5 cm approx.; 1.2 Kg.
  • Radiation Protection Barrier

    Mobile or fixed lead barriers with Lead glass window  - manufactured to size.  
  • Wall Mount Swing Arm Apron Rack

    Wall Mount Swing Arm Apron Rack features 5 individual chrome shoulder shape swing arms that fold flush against the wall. Available in right and left folding models. Simply hang two models side-by-side for a 10 hanger wall console unit.
  • Octostop Ingot Filter

    $378.00 excluding GST
    Ingot Filter L29 x W19 x H4.5 cm approx 1.8kg.
  • Nolan Filter Face Plate

    $245.00 excluding GST
    Mounts directly on to the collimator to accommodate multiple filters
  • Nolan Filter, Gonad Shield System Set

    $200.00 excluding GST
    Set of male and female gonad shields and belt.
  • Nolan Filter, A-P Female Gonad Shield

    $103.80 excluding GST
    A-P Female Gonad Shield for AP shots.
  • Nolan Filter, A-P Male Gonad

    $115.90 excluding GST
    A-P Male Gonad Shield for AP shots.
  • Nolan Filter, Gonad System Belt

    $48.00 excluding GST
    Velcro belt to suspend gonad shields
  • Nolan Filter Lateral Cervico Thoracic

    $95.25 excluding GST
    Accommodates relative thickness of the shoulder to the Cervical or Thyroid region.
  • Nolan Filter Point Filters

    POINT FILTERS. Can be used for compensation in all views. Adjust the exposure to the place according to anatomical thickness. Lower until the bottom is just above the iliac crests.
  • Nolan Filter, A-P Paraspinal Blocker (Partial)

    $76.45 excluding GST
    A-P Paraspinal Blocker (Partial): Partially blocks anatomy either side of the spine.