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  • Closed Loop Apron Hanger

    $40.00 excluding GST
  • Heavy Duty Apron Hanger

    $38.00 excluding GST
  • Lead Gown Price Calculator

    Choose your Size (XS) X-Small:    18" / 46 cm Wide - Fits Chest 30-34" / 76.2-86.4cm (S) Small:         20" / 51 cm Wide - Fits Chest 34-38" / 86.4-96.5cm (M) Medium:     22" / 56 cm Wide - Fits chest 38-42" / 96.5-106.7cm (L) Large:          24"…
  • Lead Thyroid Collar

    Quick Release Collar offers the same look and comfort as our model 621U, but without the hook & loop closure. Rear buckle closure. Available in our wide selection of nylons, ripstops and designer fabrics. Standard Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency New Style Thyroid Collar offers a trim…
  • Radiation Protection Barrier

    $2,200.00 excluding GST
    Mobile or fixed lead barriers with Lead glass window  - manufactured to size.  
  • Slit Mittens

  • Wall Mount Swing Arm Apron Rack

    $375.00 excluding GST
    Wall Mount Swing Arm Apron Rack features 5 individual chrome shoulder shape swing arms that fold flush against the wall. Available in right and left folding models. Simply hang two models side-by-side for a 10 hanger wall console unit.
  • Vinyl Lead Seamless Gloves

  • Peg Rack With 8 Pegs

    $268.00 excluding GST
    Peg Rack is economical for the quick and easy storage of single or multiple aprons. Powder coated steel construction. Easy installation.
  • Leather Lead Gloves

    $424.00 excluding GST

    $204.00 excluding GST
  • Open Palm Shield

    $245.00 excluding GST