Rotograph Prime 3D – CBCT

$70,000.00 excluding GST

Rotograph Prime 3D is a new dental imaging system.


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Fast and accurate positioning

In order to obtain the best exam results, correct and stable patient positioning is critical. With Rotograph Prime 3D, the optimal result of this important process is ensured by several operational modalities and support tools. The correct patient alignment is immediately verifiable by the operator, thanks to the face-to-face positioning and to the assistance of the laser guides.

Precise column height adjustments are accomplished through the helpful controls located below the chin support, allowing the operator an always perfect patient view during precise positioning procedures. Once the correct positioning is reached, the patient is kept steady through the two lateral temples supports. To make the patients’ posture more comfortable and stable, Rotograph Prime 3D is equipped with two strong handles, coated with a special antibacterial paint.

Furthermore, Rotograph Prime 3D arrives supplied with a complete set of custom chin supports, specifically designed to provide ideal patient positioning according to different exams. An intermittent LED light informs the operator when the right support for the selected exam is inserted, lighting it up continuously. Thanks to the absence of a floor base and through the ingenious motorized telescopic columns, the equipment can also perform exams on every type of patient without any difficulty.

Numerous volumes, better image quality

The outstanding versatility of Rotograph Prime 3D is possible thanks to its Flat Panel sensor, able to perform 2D and 3D acquisitions at high resolution. In fact, for the busy user it’s a tool always ready to use, without need to change the sensor from 2D to 3D, and optimizes workflow by requiring absolute minimum time for exam preparation.


In addition to the several 2D projections, able to satisfy the clinical needs of dental panoramic X-ray, the equipment allows users to select different acquisition volumes, each one optimized to examine a particular anatomic region of interest defined by size and resolution. From the wide volume dedicated to the complete patient’s dentition up to volumes centered on each jaw or on well defined portions of them, the operator always selects the correct volume in order to focus the exam on the anatomical region of interest, minimizing the dose to the patient while granting the highest image quality at the same time.

Furthermore, a 3D acquisition mode with very high resolution and voxel size of 87,5 µm is also available, which provides extremely detailed three-dimensional reconstructions, able to highlight the smallest anatomical elements.

Villa 3D Planner: the imaging software for workflow management
All examination programs of the Rotograph Prime 3D are selected in a few easy steps through the intuitive virtual user interface, showing the exposure parameters automatically arranged according to the exam and patient type.

The volumetric acquisitions in particular are processed through the dental imaging software Villa 3D Planner. Re-purposing the information acquired through advanced algorithms, shows an accurate 3D reconstruction with a high level of rendering detail. Filters can be applied inside the various reconstructed slices, in order to enhance the display of details. Several tools are available to accurately measure various structures of interest.

Villa 3D Planner also has a specific module dedicated to implant planning, with tools to trace the mandibular nerve, accurately position the implant selected from the software’s library or custom created through a simple procedure, and to obtain on request the STL file for the realization of a precise surgical guide.

Free viewer download

Challenge our Villa 3D Planner: download it for free from website and discover how easy and effective it can be.

Quick and easy to install

Rotograph Prime 3D continues the ingenious compact mechanical structure and the peculiar and refined design of Rotograph Prime, proving to be an extremely simple and rapid device to install.

The lightweight compact body and the innovative wall-mounting system make possible its installation in the narrowest spaces, thus allowing to choose its location inside the dental practice with an unusual freedom.

Keeping the smart dual-function packaging solution of Rotograph Prime, the new 3D version allows a quick and easy installation in just two steps by a single person: once its base is fixed to the wall, the unit can be easily raised vertically and connected electrically, to be then ready for use. The installation time is kept extremely short, so as not to interrupt the daily production of the dental practice.

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