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The KN95, N95 or P2 Face Masks is perfect for dust protection, influenza protection and general cleaning. This masks offers superior particle filtration over P1, 3 Ply and Surgical Face Masks.

Our KN95 Face Masks are a great solution to keeping you, your business or family safe from pollution, dust, most vapors and influenza. Designed to be worn on the face, the metal clip allows you to adjust the size to your nose gently squeezing the clip whilst the mask is on your face.

The ‘N95’, ‘KN95’ or ‘P2’ rating means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) test particles. When fitted correctly, the filtration capabilities of KN95 respirators exceed those of surgical or other face masks.

Who should use a KN95/ KN95 Respirator/ Face Mask (Same style as P2 Face Masks)

Disposable KN95, N95 or P2 face masks, when worn correctly will filter out fine dust, water/ influenza particles from the air. Anyone who is working with concrete, underground, around sick persons or looking to reduce exposure to pollution as well as influenza may benefit from wearing a face mask. They reduce exposure to bush fire smoke, concrete dust, saw dust and associated health effects.

Putting on and checking the mask

How to properly wear a KN95 mask or P2 respirator

It is imperative the following checks are completed when still in a safe environment or before entering an area of contamination. Always ensure your P2 respirator/ mask is free from tears or defects every time your mask is used. Ensure when fitting that the KN95 or N95 mask is sealed over the bridge of the nose and around the mouth. Ensure no facial hair, piercings, jewelry or skin conditions are creating gaps.

Always follow manufactures instructions and ensure correct level of protection is chosen for the environment you are entering.

Follow the steps below to correctly fit the KN95 face mask.

  1. Remove any accessories on your head, including glasses, caps or head phones.
  2. Ensuring the metal/ plastic nose clip is over your nose, place the mask over your mouth and nose.
  3. Place the rubber strap or tie the cord around the back of your head of ears (depending on model). The masks should hold itself and should not fall off when you bend over.
  4. While firmly holding the mask over your mouth and nose, pinch/ squeeze the metal/ plastic nose clip to ensure a tight fit over your nose. You want to limit the amount of air which can come through this area.
  5. Check the mask is still sealed around your mouth and chin.
  6. Check you can breath gently inhaling and exhaling. If you notice any air leaks, ensure you adjust the mask and check again. Different styles of masks may have different shapes or leaks if not worn correctly. The mask can take a while to get used to, ensure you maintain a normal and steady breath pattern.

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