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  • 1L Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

    $110.00 excluding GST
    Auto Hand Dispenser Infrared Automatic Sensor (Non-contact) Wall mounted Lockable 1000ml Refillable Bottle. Battery Operated (4 x C Cell batteries not included). DC Adapter Option (Adapter Not Included).
  • 42″ x 17″ The Longtail Flat Panel DR Package

    The Longtail is the world’s first monolithic full-spine flat-panel DR detector. No more long scan wait, no image stitching, no image gaps, and no plate overlap. It is the first of it’s kind to produce long-bone and full-spine digital studies instantaneously with the highest geometric…
  • Actichlor Plus Bottles

    Actichlor dilution bottle. To make desired concentrations simply add water to required no of tablets to make a virucidal solution that cleans and disinfects hard surfaces in one step. Effective against Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, Yeasts and Moulds. See Dilution Posters for concentrations. Training CD disc available. Call for details.…
  • Adjustable Mobile Shield *

  • AquaSonic Gel (100)

    $75.00 excluding GST
    Light Ultrasonic Gel 12 x 250ml Per carton $75.00 per Carton
  • CD/DVD Envelopes

    $51.00 excluding GST
    CD &amp
  • Clinical Express

    Clinical Express DICOMising acquisiton software for Vidar Digitisers.   Written for the Vidar range of digitisers to suit all applications  - Teleradiology, PACS Archiving, Mammography, Radiotherapy and Orthopedic Surgery. Clinical Express is available with a range of options  - Radiology only, Mammography only or both…
  • Closed Loop Apron Hanger

    $40.00 excluding GST
  • Coricama Tooth Forcep #13

    $99.00 excluding GST
  • CPI CMP200 X-ray Generator

    The CMP 200® generator series offers advanced high quality radiographic capabilities with unmatched performance and reliability resulting in the lowest cost of ownership over the product lifetime. This generator is suitable for film and CR-based radiographic systems and features leading edge computer-based controls to minimize…
  • DEL EV800 Patient Table

    The durable EV800 elevating four-way float top table delivers outstanding safety and usability. Featuring an exclusive four-point lift system and exceptionally quiet motor-drive, its smooth, scratch resistant table top lowers to a height of just 22” to ensure stress-free patient transfers and adjustments. Offering a…
  • DEL Floor Mounted System

    The FMT Digital Radiographic System was designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care and technologist productivity. The floor mounted configuration makes it ideal for smaller imaging environments requiring low ceiling installations, such as urgent care and orthopedic facilities. FMT systems are built to…
  • DEL Floor Mounted Tube Stand

    The FMT Floor mounted tube stand features an advanced, 10.4" technologist-friendly touchscreen console that provides large text readouts and integrated operation of the tube stand. Ergonomically placed movement identification buttons provide optimal accuracy when setting up views. Take advantage of extensive longitudinal and vertical movements,…
  • DEL Overhead Tube Crane

    The OTC tube crane highlights an advanced, technologist-friendly 10.4" touchscreen console providing seamless system integration by displaying tube angulation, SID values, and generator control options. Color-coded movement identification buttons provide optimal precision when setting up views. Peaceful and effortless movements are controlled by an electromagnetic…
  • DEL RT100 Patient Table

    The sturdy RT100 four-way float top table is suitable for use in a variety of general radiographic environments including small hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care centers and private offices. The table features a 700 lbs (318 kg) patient weight capacity and a stain resistant floating table top which glides freely…
  • DEL Wall Stand (Bucky)

    The reliable VS wall stands utilize electromagnetic ‘fail safe’ locks to maintain operator confidence throughout the imaging procedure. Full receptor movement to the floor, patient-side handgrips and optional overhead handgrips promote efficient upright exams without placing unnecessary strain on the patient. The VS wall stand…