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  • Octostop Gentle Slope Filter

    $265.00 excluding GST
    Octostop Gentle Slope Filter. L30x W17 x H2.3 cm approx.; 800 g. PRICE: TBA
  • Octostop Boomerang Filter 15 °

    $123.50 excluding GST
    Octostop Boomerang Filter 15 ° L21 x W7 x H3.3 cm. PRICE: TBA
  • Full Set Spine Filters

    $1,355.00 excluding GST
    Complete box set of all Full Spine Filters. Reduce Radiation dose by up to 95%.
  • Octostop Chainless Boomerang

    $405.60 excluding GST
    Regular Boomerang with no chain. PRICE: TBA