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  • Equine Spinal Longtail Flat Panel DR Package

    The Longtail is the world’s first monolithic full-spine flat-panel DR detector. No more long scan wait, no image stitching, no image gaps, and no plate overlap. It is the first of it’s kind to produce long-bone and full-spine digital studies instantaneously with the highest geometric…
  • Grace Dental Chair QL-3168

    $14,280.00 excluding GST
    The GRACE Dental Unit is a combination of superior Quality, Hygiene, Performance Technology and Ergonomics. Made in Taiwan.
  • Rotograph Prime 3D – CBCT

    $70,000.00 excluding GST
    Rotograph Prime 3D is a new dental imaging system.  
  • Rotograph Prime – OPG

    $28,000.00 excluding GST
  • Villa Rotograph Evo D OPG

    $48,000.00 excluding GST
  • Digital OPG System

    $48,000.00 excluding GST
  • BOOMERANG Octostop Filter


    $1,225.00 excluding GST
  • INGOT Octostop Filter

  • Full Spine DR Panel Longtail

    $125,000.00 excluding GST
      Longtail info Ideally suited to low dose leg length and other orthopedic studies. Improved Emergency Department workflow with two second trauma scan to aid triage. Can be table or trolley mounted or wall mounted and interchangeably swapped between the two.    
  • Lead Mittens

    $365.00 excluding GST
  • OPG CBCT 3D Dental System

    $125,000.00 excluding GST
  • Villa Rotograph Prime Digital OPG System

    $25,000.00 excluding GST
  • X-Ray On Light *

    $220.00 excluding GST