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  • Mobile Chest X-Ray Solution

    The mobile Chest X-Ray Solution has been designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This solution allows easy, immediate and affective diagnosis of trauma on the lungs due sever acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), pneumonia and other complications. This mobile unit can be wheeled from patient…
  • Multipurpose X-ray and Surgery Room – wall mount generator

    An examination room can be designed & constructed to work as both a consult & X-ray room at the same time. Doing this allows for greater use of real estate space, where a practice may or may not have enough space for a separate X-ray…
  • Owandy Opteo DR Sensors (USB)

    Designed to stay with you for the long term, the Opteo digital x-ray sensor is sturdy and resistant. The cable connecting it to the USB interface unit has been specially reinforced to offer greater resistance to impacts and twisting. Easy to use, Opteo offers the…
  • Radiography Caliper

    $58.00 excluding GST
    Easy to use caliper for anatomy thickness measurements. Set you cm thickness generatorfactors for optimum plate dose.